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Creative FullStack

Creative Full Stack Developer Software Engineer Mobile Developer Data Scientist DevOps Engineer Game Developer Cook Gardener Student

Welcome to the top of my digital presence! Feel free to explore, and if curiosity gets the better of you, check out my GitHub or LinkedIn. My repositories are as clean as my humor—sometimes cleaner!

Just Landed?My Code Doesn't Byte!

Looking for someone who speaks React as fluently as English and Hindi? That's me. My versatility in languages, both programming and spoken, ensures smooth communication and a project that resonates globally.

Skilled CommunicatorIn Code and Words

Right now, you might be reading this from a browser I've mastered or a device running on a language I excel at. With expertise in web, mobile, and game development, my code might be closer than you think.

Master of PlatformsWeb, Mobile, Game

Intrigued by what you see? Let's not just make this a professional connection; how about we become friends? Feel free to reach out through any of the social links above or even on Discord.

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Showcasing Websites and Software Development Experience

Hi there! My name is Montek and I am a computer science enthusiast with a passion for machine learning and cybersecurity.

I love to explore new technologies and challenges that can help me grow as a developer and a learner. I also enjoy cooking delicious dishes and sharing them with my friends and family.



Highly proficient in Python, specializing in backend development, data analysis, and machine learning. Experienced in using frameworks like Django and Flask for web development and PyTorch for AI tasks.


Extensive experience in JavaScript, specializing in frontend and backend web development. Skilled in frameworks like React, Angular, Next.js, and libraries like jQuery for dynamic and scalable web applications.


Solid understanding of Java for building robust backend systems and Android applications. Proficient in frameworks like Spring and Android SDK for mobile application development.

Machine Learning/AI:

Proficient in machine learning and AI, well-versed in algorithms and frameworks like PyTorch and TensorFlow. Have developed various machine learning models and AI solutions for real-world problems.


Skilled in cloud computing, experienced in various cloud providers such as Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure. Expertise in setting up CI/CD pipelines, serverless functions, and container orchestration.

Full-Stack Development:

Adept in full-stack development, skilled in frontend technologies like React, Next.js, Angular, and backend technologies like Node.js, Django, and Ruby on Rails. Capable of developing complete and coherent web solutions.

Game Development:

Experienced in game development with Unity, capable of creating both 2D and 3D games. Skilled in scripting, physics simulation, and graphics rendering to create engaging gaming experiences.